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10:15 – 10:30


  • Daniel Apostol, General Director, FPPG

10:30 – 11:40

PANEL #1: Ministerial Panel – Regional Security

Almost two years into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the region proved its resilience. However, the prospect of a long war poses significant challenges as it greatly compounds a number of preexisting adverse global economic trends, including rising inflation and deglobalization. The questions linked to mitigating supply chain disruptions and economic distress as well as ensuring security of supply seem to have one common answer to start with: more dialogue and collaboration between friends.

  • Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy, Romania
  • Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary
  • Samir Valiyev, Deputy Minister of Energy, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Constantin Borosan, Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Moldova
  • Moderator: Vasile Iuga, Partner and Founder Valorem Management Consultants


  • Way forward to boost local production & connectivity
  • Geopolitical challenges 2023-2024

11:45 – 12:45

PANEL #2: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – national challenges and best practices

In order to transform its vast storage capacity into economical advantage, Romania has to give full credit to CCS as a climate change mitigation technology. Hence, starting off with a suitable legislation and gaining proper expertise from the exposure to successful international projects is prerequisite.

  • Florina Sora, CCS Head of department, ANRM
  • Viorel Alicuș, General Director, NERA
  • Marinela Drăcea, President, CIROM
  • Daniel Apostol, General Director, FPPG
  • Anca Petre, Policy Officer, DG Clima, EU Commission
  • Dorin Tudora, CEO, Conpet
  • Pia Malene Andersen, Min. of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
  • Mark Beacom, CEO, Black Sea Oil & Gas
  • Oana Ijdelea, Managing Partner IJDELEA & Associates
  • Moderator: Bruno Gerrits, Global CCS Institute

12:45 – 13:00

Coffee Break

13:00 – 14:15

PANEL #3: Romania: the potential of hydrogen in energy transition

Hydrogen as energy carrier has the potential of having the biggest impact when it comes to decarbonizing at scale. The adoption of the Hydrogen Strategy and the relevant regulatory framework, represents one of the important commitments that Romania has to fulfill under the NRRP. In order to unleash the full national potential, the proper conditions need to be developed to accelerate the deployment of these technologies.

  • Oana Ozmen, Member of Committee on Industries and Services, Romanian Chamber of Deputies
  • Anca Bujor, Counselor, Ministry of Energy, Romania
  • Alexandru Floriștean, Director Hy Legal | Operating Partner Five T Hydrogen
  • Petru Rușeț, CEO, Siemens Energy Romania
  • Aristotel Jude, Deputy General Director, Rom,gaz
  • Dumitru Chisăliță, President, Intelligent Energy Association
  • Moderator: Mihnea Cătuți, Head of Research, EPG

14:15 – 14:30


  • Franck Neel, President of FPPG’s Board of Directors

14:30 – 15:30



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