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General terms and conditions


1. Description of the association

Communication according to the provisions of Law no. 365/2002 on e-commerce Owner, editor and producer: FPPG

Address: 44 Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, District 1, Bucharest


Phone number: 021-252.00.66


2. General

By accessing this website, you accept the conditions below. What follows below shall not apply if they violate the legislation in force.


3. Disclaimer

FPPG shall take all necessary measures to make sure that the information included on this website is correct and complete upon publication. Nevertheless, unintended, or accidental errors may appear, which we regret. FPPG shall not provide any guarantees whatsoever regarding the information published on this website, including external hyperlinks or other types of content that can be directly or indirectly used by means of the website

Moreover, FPPG shall reserve the right to amend the information on this website without any prior notice. FPPG shall not be held liable for errors or omissions on the website All decisions taken based on the information published on the RIGC’s website shall exclusively fall upon the respective user.

FPPG shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages or prejudice arising, for any reason whatsoever, from the direct or indirect use of the information published on the RIGC’s website. FPPG shall not represent or guarantee that the functions or services presented on the website are uninterrupted or free or errors, that the malfunctions will be corrected or that the website or server hosting them are free of viruses or other malware.

To the extent permitted by law, FPPG shall not be held liable for any damage arising from the function or malfunction of the website or the services or technical devices connected. None of the information published on the website shall constitute or be considered an invitation or urge to purchase or trade shares or other assets.


4. Ownership rights

Except for the situations indicated, copyrights on the pages and content published on this website and the materials used for this purpose shall be the exclusive ownership of FPPG.

No usage licenses or other rights shall be granted to third parties (e.g. ownership rights, industrial property or copyrights). Reproduction of pages or content of this website shall be permitted only for personal and information purposes. Any other reproduction or usage shall be strictly banned.

Subsequent use of distinct graphic elements of FPPG (brands or symbols) shall be strictly banned, regardless of whether they are accompanied or not by the symbol ® or TM.

The above provisions shall apply to downloads or direct or indirect uses of software by means of the website of RIGC. In the event that external hyperlinks provide access to third party software, the terms and conditions of the respective products shall prevail, and their rights shall be observed.